Rust Raiders is a postapocalyptic strategy browser game with a unique grindhouse-comic style.

Set in a fantasy and science fiction timetravel-genre, Rust Raiders' provides challenging entertainment for roleplaying enthusiasts.
Rust Raiders was developed by students and external collaborators as Interactive Media project at the Institute of Animation in Germany.
Zeitland is now looking forward to develop the game further.
Rust Raiders is a massively multiplayer online browsergame.

In a dying world, you are the commander of grim mercenaries known as "raiders". You assemble them in teams and equip them with menacing weapons and items. Struggling through the desolate and dangerous Rustlands, you will complete exciting story missions and explore the complex world of Rust Raiders.

- Challenging turn-based combat
- Storyline and multiplayer gameplay
- Set up your own homebase
- Extensive character configuration
- Control teams of multiple characters
Scientists have built a machine to time-shift earth into the future and save our planet from the imminent destruction by a doomsday meteor.
A salvation at first, the invention turned into a nightmare as the time warping hole became unstable.

Earth is now a world shifted into a distant future, one million years from now. The sun is a blazing eye of incinerating heat and most parts of earth are barren wastelands, split open during the shifting process and fragmented into different time periods.

Raider screen

Encounter screen

Encounter screen

Mission map

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